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The landscape encircle liyang is located in the economically developed Yangtze river delta hinterland and Shanghai economic cooperation zone center,Is known as"Jiangnan pearl"、"The green fairyland",Tianmu lake dotted with,Liyang tianmu lake meat products co., LTD. Is situated in this piece of land。After decades of exploration and enterprising,Constantly grow,The fierce competition in the industry of agricultural and sideline products,Company product sales scope covered the Yangtze river delta region,Shandong、Several provinces and cities such as Beijing,And constantly to the surrounding provinces and cities radiation。

1953Years8Set food procure station in liyang,China's food export company wuxi collection,In charge of liyang、Gaochun、LiShui、The business of jurong。

1955Years9Set food procure station in liyang company in jiangsu liyang county changed its name to the Chinese food。The company is liyang tianmu lake meat products co., LTD., the predecessor of the,It has a history of more than 60 years。

1974Years,To build up liyang Li town south gate camp lane county commerce bureau of meat,Company from a single purchase、Transformation and upgrading of slaughtering pork meat products deep processing this direction。

2002Years12Month,Liyang city food company established a new company——Liyang tianmu lake meat products co., LTD。Scope of business:Meat products(Processing.finally、Sauce halogen meat、XunZhu ham sausage products)、Soy products(Non fermented soy products)、Other aquatic products(Flavor of fish products)、In cans(Canned fruits and vegetables)、Convenience foods(Other convenience foods)、Vegetable products、Aquatic products、Pastry production,Childhood、Blackberry partial shipments,Aquatic products、Bai Qin、Dehydrated vegetables acquisitions、Pre-packaged food、Frozen ChuQinRou、A block of ice、Fresh edible agricultural products、Department store wholesale and retail。

  The company has been deemed it its duty to carry forward the traditional Chinese food culture,Continuous development in the inheritance and innovation。For many years and jiangsu province academy of agricultural sciences and other scientific research units work closely,To explore unceasingly,Strive to product excellence。2014Years,The company participated in the national standard《Dried poultry meat products》(GB/T 31319-2014)The formulation of work。The company has been evaluated“Changzhou city agricultural industrialization leading enterprises”“Changzhou high-tech enterprises”“Agricultural science and technology enterprises in jiangsu province”。The company has multiple registered trademark,One of them“Tianmu lake”The trademark is evaluated“Changzhou well-known trademark”。The development of more than 60 years,The company has experienced the reform,Experienced leaders change many times,Only A is a does not change“Be good,Getting the product,Serving the public”Our,And in the generation after generation“Tianmu lake”Handed down from generation to generation。

Looking to the future,We will keep pace with The Times,Forge ahead。Moment to food safety in mind,Keep good tradition,Good professional ethics,For the development of enterprises、The progress of the society to lay a more solid foundation。


Honor bar:

 Liyang tianmu lake meat products co., LTD., after many years of production and operation,Obtained the favorable comment of customers and social identity。

 2007Years,The company is changzhou agricultural high-tech enterprise,Changzhou agricultural industrialization enterprises;

 2008Changzhou rating credit enterprise of produce quality safety management;

 2009In changzhou quality management award,Advanced private enterprise,Consumers satisfied with the food;

 2010Years was rated as modern agriculture construction advanced enterprises,Changzhou agricultural industrialization leading enterprises;

 2011Was rated as ten big brand enterprise in jiangsu province,Modern agriculture construction advanced unit;

 2014Years was rated as jiangsu province agricultural science and technology enterprises;

 2016Years“Tianmu lake”Trademark was named well-known trademarks in changzhou,“Tianmu lake”Brand sausage won the changzhou product the glorious title

 2017Years,Changzhou tianmu lake brand sausage and wind goose obtained the honorable titles such as manufacturer

 2018It is evaluated“Changzhou old”Enterprise,另外公司还有有多个产品荣获常州市名优农产品称Number,Top popular changzhou agricultural products and other honorary titles。








Liyang tianmu lake meat products co., LTD., specializing in the production Tianmu lake brand sausage|Tianmu lake brand dry breezed chicken|Tianmu lake local products and other products,Welcome calls to order。 Tianmu lake meat products co., LTD. Invite people to admire the temmoku landscape,Liyang is delicious。

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